BARC Uvalde

Rescue Angels

When BARC accepts an animal, we provide them with basic veterinary care to ensure that when they are adopted, they are healthy, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered. This pyramid illustrates average veterinary care costs to BARC.

Any donation toward veterinary costs will help us provide these services to animals who need them. We invite you to become a “Rescue Angel” and donate anywhere from $5, which will provide a deworming treatment to one of our feline rescues, to $300, which will fully sponsor one of our canine rescues. We welcome your donation in person, by mail, or online. If you donate online, simply note your donation amount and purpose in the appropriate fields.

Every “Rescue Angel” donation is celebrated with a big thank you on our Facebook page and by adding a dog tag with the donors name to a large wall display of this pyramid in the BARC office. Stop by to say hello and see how many people are supporting this program!